The Opelex Project brings the “open” philosophies of open-source, open-hardware and free software to the arena of Power Electronics and allied fields. It includes a wide variety of sub-projects spanning hardware designs (schematics, netlists, board layouts and gerbers), simulation models and libraries (largely ngSPICE and MATLAB based), documentation tools, and much more.

The Opelex Project was born in the Power Electronics Group at the Center for Electronics Design Technology (CEDT) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. In early 2020, we began work on a new podcast which was launched in October 2020.


The Opelex Project consists of code (available on GitLab), accompanied by a Wiki. Wiki editing rights are currently limited to the core team only, but we welcome suggestions through pull requests via gitlab. The opelex podcast, released monthly, currently contains interviews with leading experts in the field of Power Electronics.


Interested in contributing? Great! Please contact us via twitter or leave comments, queries or suggestions using this form.